Knight People Books and Gifts
Knight People Books & Gifts, We are your source for incense from around the world: Japan, Tibet, India, Native American herbal smudge. Nag Champa. Goloka. White sage & abalone shells. Resins and herbs. Gifts: Wizards! Jewelry, Japanese pottery. Saki sets. Mirrored scarves from India. Tapestries. Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards and books, Wooden Netsuke carvings; fairies, fairy figurines, dragons. Pewter figures. Aromatherapy lamps and essential oils. Prisms. Remo drums: bodhrans, doumbek, djembe, djembes. Wicca supplies: books, candles, herbs; Tibetan singing bowls; Meditation groups, meditation & yoga books & supplies; Psychic Fairs; Astrology, Tarot readings. Goddess jewelry, pentacles; Deity figures from around the world. Hindi. Taras. Kali. Drums and rattles. Tablas. Event: tarot classes. Past life regressions.  and more! Mystic bowls Cds. Meditational music. Native American Cds. More!
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Welcome to Knight People, the online version of our unique little shop located in Middletown, Connecticut, next to Wesleyan University. A special place where worlds and cultures meet, and the individual can discover and explore new paths laying both within and out.

No matter what treasures you are looking for, whether it's gifts for yourself or cherished friends--music, books, crystals, scented oils, candles, white sage, Tibetan, Japanese or Ritual incense, or spiritual tools, Smudge Wands, and instruments for growth and healing--we are the place for you.

Your source for specialty items & gifts for 20 years we hope you enjoy your stay!
We are your place for Incense!
Over 300 types available at all times!
Ceremonial to Daily Blends ~ Natural Herbs & Resins

Native Smudge Wands & Logs White Sage, Pinon, Copal, Cedar...
Traditional Blends from Tibet, Nepal & India. HEM Incense

NAG CHAMPA, & GOLOKA: NagChampa Agarbathi, PRASAD Celestials, ANGEL FLORA, MYSORE SUGANDHI Chandan Dhoop!

Japanese Joss Sticks, Wood Chips & Kneeded Ball Incense White Ash, Charcoal, Pottery Burners. Shoyeido, Nippon Kodo "Morning Star" ~ MORE!
Knight People
Knight People Books & Gifts
228 William St. Middletown, CT 06457
Tel: 860-347-3220 *
Shop Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 5:00pm
Or by appointment.
Open every 1st Sunday of the month, 12-5 Psychic Fair!
~ Psychic House Parties! ~
Book your home, birthday, dorm & office parties through the KP Psychic Caravan!
Call us daily for more information:
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PLUS 25975 since Sep. 15th 2009!

Knight People Books and Gifts

Psychic Fair Update!

by Melissa V on 04/05/14

Middletown will be holding a runner's marathon this Sunday, April 6th during our Psychic Fair hours. This means that several streets will be closed to driving traffic.

For alternate routes please use a source such as Mapquest to 228 William Street, Middletown, CT. 06457

Basic directions: Route 66/Washington St. to Dekoven Drive next to the river.
Take Right on Dekoven Dr. south to Union St.
Go Right on Union St. (west, up hill), Union turns into Pleasant st., Bear right around small park on right side.
At traffic light bear right on Broad St. Then go Left on William.

From Route 9 going south only..

Take Dekoven Dr./Harbor area exit. Left on Dekoven Dr. Right on Union. Union turns into Pleasant st. Bear right around small park on right side.
At traffic light bear right on Broad St. Then go Left on William.

We recommended that you leave 15 minutes earlier than planned to arrive in time for your appointments.

Thank you!

First Psychic Fair of 2014!

by Melissa V on 01/02/14

Our 1st fair of the new year will be happening Sunday, January 5th, 2014. See Events page for details. Since we are on vacation till then, just phone us or email if you would like to book your appointments in advance. Otherwise, just come on in!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Melissa & Emile

In-store shopping by appointment this week!

by Melissa V on 11/27/13

Things are hopping busy here with Thanksgiving, so if you want to come by for Singing Bowls shopping plus then please call us in advance so we can open the shop doors for you. (Online orders will go out the usual ASAP.)

Everything will be back to normal store hours Sunday, December 1st when we hold our next PSYCHIC FAIR. Phone in or email us for advance psychic bookings with your favorite readers or just come on by for who is next available.

Till then, have a safe traveling and Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa & Emile

About our Tibetan Bowls
Visit our sister website for all things Singing Bowls, gongs, tingsha bells, accessories, healing, meditation and more!
White sage - wands and loose leaf