AMETHYST - The stone of tranquility. Dreams, Peace, Courage & Psychic energy. Stimulates intellect, soothes emotions. Protection from negative energies cast by other by transmuting such into the positive. Helps invoke a higher state of consciousness, thus a perfect stone to assist during meditations.

Other associated properties of AMETHYST are cleaning of the nervous system. Brings energy of the ultraviolet spectrum to the physical. Justice in court. Stone of Transmutation and Spirituality. Use with music in healing therapy. Good for making Gem Elixirs.

A natural Citrine Phantom crystal that has had the base finished so it stands.
Multiple layered phantoms throughout the entire crystal.

Size: Height 7.25in. (185mm.), Width 3.5in. (90mm.)
Weight: 2lb 14oz. (1305gm.)
Price: $495.00
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Crystals, Minerals & Gem Stones we carry in various forms, some of which include: Natural crystals, specimens, tumbled stones, rough gems, carved shapes, etc... All of our Crystals & Stones come bagged and sealed with brief write-ups; affiliation, esoteric & healing properties, etc., making them perfect for gift-giving.
AMETHYST, Tumbled - (Deep Purple)  $2.50
AMETRINE, Tumbled - (Purple/golden blend.) {Amethyst & Citrine combination} Disperses negativity from Aura. Helps release blockages in physical, mental, emotional and auric bodies. Astral travel. Release negative emotional programming. 2 Small or 1 Reg. for $2.50
APOPHYLLITE, Crystal - Clear, Natural 'Pyramids' (Angel Stone) Connect with the cycled-off members of one's entity. Facilitates Astral travel; forms a definitive physical link while astral. Discover higher truths & wisdom. Use to charge objects. Intuition. Energy. Scrying. Place two pyramids upon the eyes for refreshed, clearer vision. $2.50
ANGELITE (Anhydrite) - (Gentle Blue) from Peru. The stone of Comprehension. Polarizing, balancing. Emits a protective field of energy wherever it is placed. Wonderful for the home and sacred spaces. Drink the Gem Elixir to help protect physical body. Used for easing the ability to Astral travel and go on Spirit journeys. Peace. Dispels anger and stress. This stone carried by Spiritual healers as well as psychics; Facilitates psychic healing and Channeling. Telepathy. Astrology. Mathematics. Aquarius. $4.50
ARAGONITE, Crystal - (Brown, Translucent) Natural Crystal formations. Tumbled stones have wavy brown & white lines. Centering during times of high stress & anger.  Meditation. Balances  fourth, fifth & sixth chakras. Emotional & intellectual focus; Truth from a higher perspective, without being over-emotional or  too cold and intellectual. Good for those uncomfortable facing the Truth, or who over-dramatize. Gem Elixir good for dispersing general “chills” & basic aches & pains. $3.50
AVENTURINE, Tumbled - (Green with tiny sparkles, Translucent) Enhances Intellect. Speeds healing. Money attraction, Gambler’s stone. Balances the Yin and Yang aspects. Balance. Leadership. Decisiveness. Healing Spirit Guides. Creativity. $2.50
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Geometric Sets Shown: Carved Quartz Crystal Sets - $29.95
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2" - 3" QUARTZ CRYSTAL POINTS (Regular) from Brazil.

Usually single points. Rough. SALE $2.50 each.

ROSE QUARTZ - The stone of Love & Friendship. Heart Chakra. Brings peace and warm gentleness to relationships and the home. Family. Calms relationship difficulties. Promotes receptivity of creative beauty and imagination. Healer of emotional wounds.
Carry to bring love.
AMETHYST - CRYSTAL POINT - Sizes: 3/4" to 1" $5.00
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CALCITE: ORANGE, Tumbled - Crown Chakra. Amplifies the Body’s  Energy Field. Clarifies Memory of Astral and Channeled Experiences. Helps the Physical Body  recall the State of Perfection existing before Disease & Realign with that state. Balancing of the body’s assimilation of Calcium. Helps with disorders of the Kidneys, Pancreas & Spleen. $3.50
CARNELIAN, Tumbled or Natural - Protects against negative emotions: envy, fear, rage. Helps relieve sorrow. Increases body strength, health, courage, sexual energy. Second Chakra. Grounding. Use to cleanse other stones. Carry for protection against accidents.
1 Regular / Two for $2.50
CHRYSOCOLLA, (Gem Silica) Tumbled - Size: aprox. 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" $5.50
FLUORITE, Tumbled - Harmony. Spiritual awakening. Third Eye Stone. Wisdom from Inner Peace. Soothes  mental disorders.  Helps one relax. Spiritual Awakening. Enhances meditational state. Increases concentration. See Truth Behind Illusion.Colors vary. $2.50
GOLDSTONE, Tumbled - $2.50
JADE - GREEN, Tumbled LARGE 1-1/2" - 2" long and very thick - The Stone of Harmony & of Longevity. Heart Chakra Soothing & Healing of trauma to the Physical Body & Emotions. A calming touch-stone, emits soft Healing Vibrations. Give the stone to someone you care for to attract & strengthen love. Facilitates a state of Higher Consciousness.Longevity. Harmony. Prosperity. Wisdom. Wealth. Protection. $6.50
KYANITE, BLUE, Natural - Inner visions. Third Eye Chakra. Lucid dreaming. Telepathy. Clairvoyance. Creativity. $2.50
LEPIDOLITE, Tumbled - Third Eye, Throat & Heart chakras; opens the Crown chakra. Intellect & wisdom, use to connect with the Buddhaic Plane; enables the Higher Centers to be experienced. Transitions; brings gentle changes to help smooth the passage during large life ones. Brings hope & acceptance. Helps alter old, set patterns and behaviors, updating and revitalizing things positively. Helps stress & depression. Size: aprox. 1-1/2" $4.50
MALACHITE NUGGETS, Hand-polished (Zaire) - The Mother stone. Heart healing. Regression. Business and money. $4.50
MOONSTONE, Tumbled - Expands vision/perceptions: helps one achieve goals by seeing further possibilities or situation more clearly. A Spiritualist Stone and tool. Inner growth and strength. Stimulates pineal gland. Love-drawing. Inner emotions. Keywords: Water. Love. Sleep. Receptivity. Dieting. Gardening. Psychism. Divination. $2.50
PYRITE: NUGGETS - “Fool’s Gold” Money drawing, A Lucky Stone. Protection. Projective energies, use with other stones to affect desired changes. A Healing stone, with attractive properties similar to lodestones. Strengthen circulatory system. Clears the oxygen in the blood. Can aid in grey matter tissue repair. Flat pieces of Pyrite used for scrying (Divination). Use in Medicine Bags for extra energy. Mars. Element of Fire. $3.50
QUARTZ - TOURMALATED, BLACK, Tumbled - $2.50 Sizes: 3/4" to 1".
RHODOCHROSITE, Tumbled - Love, Tenderness, Compassion. Helps one Rejoice in life & share Love with others. A good energy conductor, warm & soothing to the heart. Gently purifies the Base, Sacral & Heart Chakras. Balances Emotions,  Elixir used for relieving Internal Infections.Size: aprox. 1/2" to 1" $2.50
MOLDAVITE, Natural: The Star Stone. This piece has been SOLD, but we have many smaller pieces available in the shop and will be online soon!

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ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTALS - Natural. Natural, terminated rose quartz crystals.
Some double terminated, some clusters and single points. - AVAILABLE SOON!
DOUBLE TERMINATED QUARTZ Crystals - Natural. These crystals are clear, frosted, or included. Sizes: 1/2" to 1". Comes with write-up. $3.50 ea.
BLOODSTONE, Tumbled - Size: aprox 1"+. Stone of Courage. Centering, grounding. Strength. Creativity. Endurance. Positive Abundance & Wealth. Physical Growth in Earth Matters like Business, Garden, Health. Consciousness of The Divine in Daily Life. Use to treat the Spleen, Purify the Blood, Kidneys, Bladder, Intestines & Liver. Helps Circulation of Physical Energy. Secure Victory in Court  & in Legal Matters. Carried during Pregnancy to Strengthen the Child & Ease Delivery. $2.50
BOJI STONE, Natural - Shaman rocks. Use for energy work. Grounding. Charging objects. Attraction and power. $5.95 ea.
ARAGONITE, Tumbled - (Brown, Translucent) Tumbled stones have wavy brown & white lines. Size: aprox 1" to 1" plus. See above for properties. $5.00
BLUE LACE AGATE, Large Tumbled -Invokes High Spiritual States Works with the Throat, Heart, Third-eye & Crown Chakras. Strengthens Skeletal Structure. Helps in the relief of Arthritis. Regulated development of the nails. Helps remove Blockages from Nervous System & Capillaries. Soothing to the Eyes & Brain. Promotes Awareness of a Healthy Physical Body. $5.50
APATITE, Natural - $3.50
OBSIDIAN: APACHE TEAR, Natural, Large - Carry for protection. A Good-Luck charm. Place around home to repel negative forces and energies. Hold when you are too anxious and need grounding. Calming, centering. Place around the body when doing deep meditation & pathworking for protection and clarity of vision. Use in protection and divination magicks. Spirit contact.$2.50 Size: aprox 1" to 1-1/4".
AMETRINE WINDOWS - (Purple/golden blend.) {Amethyst & Citrine combination} See above. Natural stones where one side has been sliced and polished. Great for meditation and gazing. $3.50
AMAZONITE, Tumbled - Heart & Throat Chakras. See “self-destructive” habits & comprehend how unnecessary they are, allowing one to proceed to a more positive state of existence. Soothing to the Nerves, helps muscle spasms. Dispels irritating & negative energies. Luck in gambling and risky actions. Resisting tooth decay & osteoporosis, diminishing calcium deposits within the body. Reveals self-destructive habits. $4.50
CALCITE: CLEAR, Tumbled - Clear with green to light yellow tints. REGULAR $3.50 or LARGE $7.95
CAT'S EYE, Tumbled - $3.50
CHAROITE, Tumbled - Stone of Love & Truth-Sight Understanding & Compassion. Communication & Attunement with the Higher Spirituality. A stone of Discrimination, it helps one to perceive truth from fiction. Cleanses Auric Body. Opens the Heart to Spiritual Love & Acceptance of others. Used to treat disorders of the eyes & heart. Makes a good Body Cleansing, Gem Elixir.
Size: 1/2" to 1" $2.50
CHIASTOLITE, Tumbled - (Andalusite) Stone of Transition: helps one reach new destinations; physical travel, goals, next stage in life, inner progress, etc. It does this by revealing falsehoods that would ensnare; removes blockages. Negativity eraser. Protection. Combines discrimination, power and perseverance. Lesson of death & rebirth, removes illusions & fear, bringing insight and comfort. Good for rheumatism, gout & fevers.
Removes negative vibrations. Wonderful stone to carry into hostile environments for protection. Protection from negative energies and environments. $5.50
CHRYSOPRASE: LEMON, Tumbled - Balances Yin-Yang energies. Activated heart Chakra. Soothing. Heals broken hearts. $2.50
CITRINE: NATURAL, Large Tumbled (Aprox. 1-1/2+) - $7.95
CITRINE, Crystal - $5.00
CORAL, RED - Fossilized, from Tibet. Enthusiasm. Emotional openness. First chakra. Sacred stone of Tibet & Native American shamans. Symbolizes the Life Force energies. Protection against 'evil eye'. Stimulating. Blood revitalizing. Good for depression. Libra.Polished, with small hole drilled through the middle. *Please note that ALL red coral is color-enhanced. $8.95 or $14.95
EMERALD, Tumbled - “Stone of Successful Love” Enhance memory, stimulates greater mental capacity. Combines intelligence with discernment in making choices. Opens the Heart Chakra. Helps Quiet Emotions. Brings Harmony to all areas of one’s life. Helpful in Legal affairs. Used to soothe the eyes. 4 Small for $2.50
GARNET, Tumbled - The Stone of Passion. Energy, Courage. Increases Blood circulation & Strength. Helps Arthritis & Rheumatism. Aid to the Imagination. A Kundalini activator.
1 LARGE Polished Crystal for $8.50 / 2 SMALL for $2.50
HEMATITE, Tumbled -Divination. Healing. Grounding. Draws illness from the physical body. Use for scrying. Re-evaluations. Truthful observations. Mentality. Mathematics and study. Energy and polarity Balance. Broken bone alignment. Dissolution and transformation of negativity into light and universal purity. Self-control. Inner happiness. Root chakra. REGULAR $3.50 or 2 SMALL for $2.50
IOLITE, Tumbled -  Shaman's stone. Third eye. Strengthens aura. Strong, Confidence Bringer. Powerful Third Eye Stone. For Astral Travel, Vision Quests & Guided Meditation. Place on Third Eye or Crown Chakra at Healing Sessions. Charges & Strengthens the Auric Field. Balances Polarity Energies. Eases disharmony in Relationships. Influences Spirits.
Helps rid body of toxins. 2 for $2.00
QUARTZ - RUTILATED, Tumbled - $2.50 Sizes: 3/4" to 1".
QUARTZ - SMOKEY, Tumbled - $2.50 Sizes: aprox. 1".
JASPER - RED, Tumbled - Size: aprox. 1" $2.50
JET, Tumbled MEDIUM - ( 1 - 2 inches) Stimulates the awakening of the Kundalini,
aligns the Base Chakra. Protection against Violence & Illness Enhances Financial Stability Used in treatment of migraines, epilepsy, stomach pain & colds. Dispels Fearful Thoughts Divination. Use for Scrying A Gardener’s Stone. Greek Goddess Cybele Absorbs energies, especially negativity,  place around the home for Protection. Add small amounts of the powder to Psychic Incense. Guards against Nightmares Safety for Travelers.. $5.50
LABRADORITE, Tumbled - Protects the Aura, helps keep it Clear & Balanced. Enhances connection between Physical & Ethereal Realm. Transforms Intuition into Conscious Thought.
Clarity & Insight. Attracts Strength & Perseverance. Helps Realize & Achieve Life’s Destiny by Relieving Insecurity & Apprehension while Enhancing Faith in Self. Reduces Anxiety & Stress. $3.50
LAPIS LAZULI, Tumbled - The Alpha & Omega. Opens the ESP centers. Protection. Health. Balances the emotional center--heart chakra--and enhances neutral emotional perceptivity. Helps one perceive emotional issues in a calm and clear manner. Wisdom. Throat, brow and heart chakras. Communications. Connecting to Spirit Guides. $8.50
LODESTONE, Natural -  Money attraction. Stability. Endurance, durability. Protection for healers. Attracts healing energies. Good for bone disorders. *Singles or pieces, total weight of bag Aprox. 1oz w/'food' $2.95
LODESTONE, GREEN Painted -  Money attraction. Gambler's Luck. Stability. Endurance, durability. Protection for healers. Healing. Attracts healing energies. *Singles or pieces, total weight of bag Aprox. 1oz w/'food' $2.95
MAGNETITE (Lodestone), Natural Crystal - Money attraction. Stability. Endurance, durability. Power. Size: aprox. 1/4" 4 / $4.50
SHIVA LINGHAM - Represent the Hindu god Shiva. The male principle. Awaken Kundalini energies. Creativity. MEDIUM (3" - 4") $19.95

Tiny, perfect crystal points growing straight out of a longer, main crystal. A select blend of quartz, citrine, ametrine and amethyst crystals. All have nice ‘topping’ points. From South Africa. Sizes range from 1-1/4” to 2” in length.

Varies. Single points, tabbies, twins, have come across some phantoms, nice pieces! Clear with very Nice points. SALE $2.50 each.

BOULDER OPAL, Tumbled - $3.50
CELESTITE, Tumbled - $12.95 Also known as Celestine. Calming. Helps with hearing the inner self, Guides & Angels. Good stone for artists. (Tranquil ones like music, watercolor & things of soft, fine-detail.) Assists communication, clairvoyance, dream and Astral travel recall. Brings harmony; balances the yin & yang poles in the aura. Helps air travel/height fears. Enables adjusting to higher altitude/thinner air more quickly. Good for eye and ear problems/health. Throat chakra.
TOPAZ: CLEAR, Tumbled - Stimulates the higher mind & soul. Lifts one above the mundane towards the goal of light. Magnetizes the physical being, increasing awareness, clarity, concentration & creativity. Balances the nervous system & solar plexus. Helps heal nervous trauma, exhaustion & mental breakdown. Size: 5/8" to 1". $2.50
AMBER (COPAL), Natural -Carry for protection. A Good-Luck charm. Place around home to repel negative forces and energies. Hold when you are too anxious and need grounding. Calming, centering. Place around the body when doing deep meditation & pathworking for protection and clarity of vision. Use in protection and divination magicks. Spirit contact.
CITRINE, Tumbled - Projective. Sun. Anti-nightmare, good sleep. Protection, Psychism. Stability. Builds up one’s stamina and endurance. Solar Plexus chakra. Helps high-energy type people calm down. Balancing. Helps with education, business and eases family/relationship issues. A First Ray stone. Saturnian in frequency. 1 REGULAR (Aprox. 1") or 4 SMALL (Aprox. 1/4") for $2.50
JASPER - LEOPARD SKIN, Tumbled - Size: aprox. 1" $2.50
SELENITE ROSE - This natural form of SELENITE Helps remove set patterns of self-imposed programming (examples: decision making habits, unnecessary worries and fears) that are no longer needed and/or have become a hindrance. Helps one discover & gain more appropriate, useful replacements for such. Used to strengthen affirmations of purpose; discover & achieve changed personal goals in life. Size: 3/4" to 1". $2.50
TOURMALINE: BLACK - Natural crystal pieces. Deflects negativity and bad energy. Protective shielding. Hex repellent/ deflects spells cast upon the holder. Protection. Pluto. Capricorn. First Chakra grounding. Houseplant healing. Creativity. Communication. Directing of energy. A Shaman's Stone. Size: aprox 1/4". 2/ $2.50
TOURMALINE: GREEN - Natural crystal pieces. Sage Stone - Communication. Creativity. Heart Chakra. Healing. Harmony. Venus. Earth energies. Money drawing. Business success. Plant Kingdom. Worn by Herbalists to further attune with healing plant energies. Abundance. Capricorn. Prosperity. $2.50
RUBY ZOISITE, Tumbled - Stimulates the Crown chakra. Spirit communication. Diagnostic healing. Discover mental abilities and talents. Contact Etheric bodies. Aries. Amplification of body’s energy fields. Helps dispel tendancies towards laziness. Amplifies psychic abilities. Helps improve disorders of the heart. Size: aprox. 1" to 1-1/4"  $2.50
OBSIDIAN: SNOWFLAKE, Tumbled - The Stone of Purity. Serenity in Isolation.
Peace In The Void. Attunement to Universal Energies. Balancing Internal Energy for High Frequency Types. A Focal Stone for Meditation Upon the Universal Placement of the Self.
Grounding Stone.Size: aprox 1" to 1-1/4".  $2.50
MALACHITE, Hand-polished (Zaire) - Heart Chakra. Power, Peace, Healing, Energy & Business Prosperity. Use to go inwards during meditation, finding & healing emotional wounds. The Mother Stone. Feminine Energy. Eases Childbirth. Energy & Strength Enhancer. Helps the Immunity System. Helps treat asthma, arthritis, broken bones & muscles. MEDIUM $5.95 or LARGE $8.95
SELENITE, Tumbled - Size: aprox. 1". $2.50
PETRIFIED WOOD, Tumbled - Size: aprox. 1" $2.50
SODALITE, Tumbled - Throat Chakra. Companionship Stone. Helps one gain Self-esteem, Self-trust & Trust in Others. Hold to Still the Mind & Relax the Body. Eases Emotional Stress, nervousness, anger & fear. Dispels Insomnia, Helps with Digestive Disorders. Healing, Purifies the Body.Size: 1" to 1-1/4" $2.50
SAPPHIRES, Natural Crystals  - Natural crystal pieces. Size: aprox 1/8" to 1/4" 8/ $2.50
OBSIDIAN: MAHOGANY Tumbled - Elimination of Energy Blockages. Relieves Tension.
Instills the Vitality needed to Achieve The Life’s Goal & Aspirations by Opening & Revitalizing the Energy Centers that are Required for the task. Grounding Stone. Increases One’s Sexuality & Sensuality.Size: aprox 1" to 1-1/4".  $2.50
LEPIDOLITE, Natural Disk - Reconciliation. Honesty. Diplomacy. Communication. Stone of transition. Size: aprox. 2" $4.00
SUNSTONE, Tumbled - Size: 1" to 1-1/2" $5.50
RHYOLITE, Tumbled - Size: aprox. 1/2" to 1" $2.50
MARBLE - PICASSO, Tumbled - Talent. Creativity. Artistic endeavors. Success. Focus. Protection. Concentration. Balances the 'male energied' side of everyone. Dark tones: preferred by the Higher male energies, leaders, scholars. Lighter tones: High female energy types, the sensitive and unhealed. $3.50
KYANITE, BLUE, Tumbled - Third Eye & Throat chakras. Works with the Third Eye for inner visions, lucid dreaming, telepathy, clairvoyance & creativity. Throat Chakra: helps things of higher nature flow through. Strengthens voice, healing for the throat & larynx. Excellent stone for performers and public speakers. Self-expression. Helps one connect with the Casual Plane, i.e. commune with bodiless teachers existing on that plane. $4.50
GOLDSTONE, GREEN, Tumbled - $3.50
CITRINE, CLUSTER - SALE $2.00 (No write-ups included.)
AQUAMARINE, Tumbled -  World service/development of humanity. Calms the mind and reduces stress. Grants courage for the sensitive, as well as strength to ones overwhelmed by responsibilities by bringing a calmer order to things. Balancing, gives personal resolve to the sensitive, and tolerance to those of harder nature. Vision improving, maintaining teeth & forming bones. Gland balancing. 
Throat & Third eye chakra.$3.50
RUTILATED CRYSTAL POINTS - $8.95 ea.: Polished natural Quartz crystal points with different rutile needles inside. (golds or reds). Sizes vary, 1" to 1-3/4" in height.
LITHIUM CRYSTAL POINTS - $7.95 ea.: Polished natural Lithium included Quartz crystal points. Sizes vary, 3/4" to 1" in height.
TOURMALINE: BROWN, CRYSTALS -  also known as DRAVITE Natural crystals. Size: aprox. 1"  $5.95
PYRITE: CRYSTAL - “Fool’s Gold” Money drawing, A Lucky Stone. Protection. Projective energies, use with other stones to affect desired changes. A Healing stone, with attractive properties similar to lodestones. Strengthen circulatory system. Clears the oxygen in the blood. Can aid in grey matter tissue repair. Flat pieces of Pyrite used for scrying (Divination). Use in Medicine Bags for extra energy. Mars. Element of Fire. $3.50
CALCITE: HONEY, Tumbled - Crown & Solar Plexus chakras.
Works with the Higher Intellectual Center: Truth & Wisdom perceiving and gain. Connects one with the Mental Plane; enhances ability to know what is true. Use while studying philosophy. Enhances mediation; relaxes self, opens receptivity of knowledge. Stimulates the will. A purifier, both of physical and mental negative buildups. Great for gem elixirs. Energizing.. $2.50
TURQUOISE - Love and connection with others. Helps you reach the Higher Emotional Center. Aligns chakras. Stimulates the Throat, Heart & Navel chakras. Healing of the spirit and body. Grounding. Protection, both physical & spiritual. Enhances the spiritual immune system as well as helps the navel chakra's task of assimilate nutrition into the body, thus keeping one more healthy & strengthening all physical aspects. Rain making.
Size: aprox. 3/4 to 1" nuggets.  $3.50
SELENITE, Natural - Crown chakra. Stone of Insight. Brings flexibility of nature, allowing for clearer judgment & better decision making. Clarity of mind; expands awareness of self and surroundings. Meditate with to access memories of past lives and future ones. Assists Telepathy. Helps align the spinal column, removes energy blockages so energy flows smoother. Calms erratic emotions. Good for epileptics.Size: aprox. 1" to 1-1/2". $2.50
COPPER, NUGGETS SMALL - Excellent for Stimulating Healing Energy.  Balances the body’s polarity, the flow of Projective & Receptive energies. Worn to Attract Love. Carried for Luck. Place in outside corners of home to Block Out Negativity. Used in Money Attracting Spells. Direction of Energy.$1.50
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