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SMALL: Inside 2-1/8" $9.95
MEDIUM: Inside 3-1/4" $12.95
LARGE: Inside 4" $19.95
"Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs" $16.95
by Scott Cunningham.
ISBN 0-87542-122-9 / 336 pg.
The expanded 15th anniversary edition, a wonderful comprehensive guide to over 400 magical herbs and plants from around the world. Illustrated, fully indexed by common name, use, and rulership, this is a must have reference guide no matter what your level of study. Roots for charms, herbs for charm bags, flowers for love--this is a truly excellent book!
WHITE SAGE A supreme smudging herb for purification oft used in Native American traditions. The smoke of this highly aromatic plant is used in ceremonies and rituals as well for cleansing the home and sacred spaces. Consecration. Centering. Attuning to the spirit world. Purifying. Sacred rituals. 1 to 2 inch loose leaves mixed with cut-n-slice. Minimal stems for more leaf by weight than wood, this white sage is perfect for shell/bowl smudging, herbal baths/sachets, ground into powder for spell blends or in the making of your own incense.
Price: .8oz $2.95 -OR- 1/2LB $16.00 $10.00 -OR- 1Lb $29.95 $20.00
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The following herb property association guide is based on traditional mystical, magickal & folklore wisdom. The following herbs, spices and resins can be used in making your own incense, herbal smudges, dream pillows, sachets, simmering potpourri mixes, mojo bags, etc.

In general, the medicinal properties of the herbs are not often listed here because (1) According to recent, new internet legal regulations the FDA does not allow it. And (2) We feel very strongly that serious research in the proper use of plants for medical uses/healing should be done before taking one's life for granted. Read more than one book on herbs before imbibing. Dosages are critical for safety--some medicinal herbs should only be prescribed by a knowing, certified herbalist or even homeopath.

We recommend the book: "Earl Mindell's Herb Bible" and will be offering that and similar titles on this site soon.
Buying Herbs:

CODES: W = whole, P = powder, C/S = cut & sifted, G = granules
E = Element, P = Planet, D = Deity, O = Orisha, S = Sephiroth
(Note that Orisha Ozain is the owner of all herbs which exist on earth.)
All the purported influences of these herbs, spices and resins are culled from traditional texts, folklore, and current magickal beliefs. Watch for constant additions and updates.
A red ** near the price means this herb is harmful if (ingested) used improperly.

A * B * C * D * E * F * G * H * I * J * K * L * M * N * O * P * Q * R * S * T * U * V * W * X * Y * Z
ANISE STAR, w (Illicium verum): Luck. Psychic powers. String and wear as Good luck amulet. Burn for a Psychic incense. P: Jupiter. E: Air.
Price: 2oz $3.95
BENZOIN: (Styrax benzoin) Purification. Harmony. Inspiration. Protection. Spell-breaking. Memory. Peace. Wisdom. Tranquility. Exorcism. Knowledge. Burn to Cleanse and Protect a new home. Use as a substitute for STORAX. Make an incense of Benzoin, CINNAMON and BASIL to attract customers to your business. P: Venus. E: Air.
Price: 1oz $3.95
COPAL: Purification. Ritual. Increase the power of spells. Protection. Exorcism. Burn for a Home Blessing incense. Use a piece of copal to represent the heart when making a Poppet. P: Sun, Jupiter. E: Fire. O: Eleggua, Obatala, Babalu-Aye, Oggun.
Price: 2oz $3.95 -OR- 1Lb $15.95
DAMIANA Leaf Cut: Aphrodisiac. Lust. Sex magick. Sensuality. Love. Love spells. Psychic dreams. Clairvoyance. Use in Love baths. Add a bit of powdered herb to wines or love drinks. P: Mars, Pluto, Venus. E: Fire, Earth.
Price: 2oz $5.95
DRAGON'S BLOOD: Power. Strengthen spells. Overcoming enemies. Uncrossing. Removes negativity. Psychic protection. Consecration. Virility. Good to burn in a new home to cleanse the premises. Add to spell incense to increase their power. Burn in an open window to 'entice a lover to return'. P: Mars. E: Fire. O: Eleggua, Obatala, Chango, Ochun, Olocun, Orunla, Oya, Ochosi, Oggun.
Price: 1oz $10.95
FRANKINCENSE: A sacred scent. Meditation. Ceremony. Protection. Consecration. Brings blessings. Assists to overcome temptations. Breaking of addictions, negative habits. Contact other planes. Wisdom. Development and growth. Knowledge. Transformation. Increases strength of spells. Make an every day General Purpose Incense by combining Frankincense, SANDALWOOD and MYRRH. P: Sun. E: Fire. O: Obatala, Chango, Babalu-Aye. S: Tifareth.
Price: 1oz $4.95 -OR- 1Lb $24.95
JASMINE Flowers Whole: Attract love. Prosperity. Material objects. Psychic dreams. Divination. Aphrodisiac. Fertility. Passion. Happiness. Love. Meditation. Weddings. Rest. Sleep. Sensuality. Burn with PINK CANDLE to Attract a lover or Strengthen a relationship. Make a Love Bath by combining Jasmine, ORRIS ROOT and ROSE PETALS. Burn in Love Incense. P: Moon. E: Water. D: Vishnu. O: Ochun, Yemaya, Oko, Olocun, Orunla. S: Yesod.
Price: 1oz $4.95
MYRRH: Consecration. Spirituality. Good luck. Success. Spell-breaking. Exorcism. Psychic protection. Magick. Material objects. Release and endings. Compassion. Transformation. A powerful guard against evil. Rarely burnt alone, usually mixed with FRANKINCENSE and/or COPAL. P: Sun, Moon. E: Fire, Water. D: Isis, Adonis, Ra, Marian.  O: Eleggua, Obatala, Chango, Yemaya, Oko, Olocun, Babalu-Aye, Oya, Oggun. S: Binah.
Price: 1oz $5.95 -OR- 1Lb $29.95
LAVENDER Flowers Whole: Healing. Cleansing. Love. Peace in the home. Tranquility. Relaxing. Prudence in all matters. Charm ill-mannered antagonists. Dreams. Meditation. Rest. Weddings. Sleep. Attract Luck. Prosperity. Use to brighten one's disposition. Keep secrets. Memory. Mix Lavender with ROSE PETALS and ORANGE FLOWERS for Love Drawing / Tranquility Baths. P: Mercury. E: Air. O: Eleggua, Obatala, Chango, Ochun, Olocun, Babalu-Aye.
Price: 1oz $3.95 -OR- 1Lb $44.95
PATCHOULI Leaf Cut: Passion. Physical strength. Love. Sex. Sex magick. sensuality. Spell-breaking. Drive troublemakers away. Protection. Money. Clairvoyance. Exorcism. Sprinkle a bit in your purse or wallet to attract wealth. P: Venus, Saturn, Pluto. E: Earth. O: Obatala, Chango.
Price: 1oz $3.95
ROSE, RED Buds & Petals: Use in love spells. Beauty. Friendship. House blessings. Fertility. Longevity. Compassion. To keep secrets. Consecration. Often used in the making of holy water. Tranquility. Use in Love Baths. Place a picture of your lover in a bowl of rose petals to keep the relationship strong. P: Venus. E: Air. D: Hathor, Eros, Cupid, Demeter, Isis, Aurora. O: Oggun. S: Netzach.
Price: 1oz $1.95 -OR- 1Lb $17.95
SANDALWOOD, RED Chips (Pterocarpus santalinus): Honesty. Fidelity. Love. Protection. P: Venus, Jupiter E: Earth. S: Netzach.
Price: 1oz $3.95
MUGWORT Cut: Dreams. Psychic powers. Clairvoyance. Prophetic dreams. Make a tisane and use to wash your Scrying Tools and Crystals to cleanse and give them power. Protection. Astral Projection. Stamina. Add a pinch in shoes before lengthy hikes. Use in making Dream Pillows. Use in Psychic Incense. Hang in home to prevent theft--especially good against teasing elves and fairies! P: Neptune, Venus. E: Air, Earth. D: Artemis, Diana. O: Eleggua, Obatala, Yemaya, Babalu-Aye, Oggun.
Price: 2oz $2.95 -OR- 1Lb $19.95
Herbs & Resins: A * B * C * D * E * F * G * H * I * J * K * L * M * N * O * P * Q * R * S * T * U * V * W * X * Y * Z
GINSENG Powder (Siberian) Longevity. Sexual potency. Aphrodisiac. Strength. Rejuvenation. Lust. Beauty. Healing. Wishes. Burn to ward off evil spirits, break curses and hexes. Carry to bring beauty, money drawing and health. A fine substitute for mandrake root. Add a pinch to drinks to instill passion. P: Saturn, Sun, Uranus. E: Earth, Fire. O: Chango, Ochun, Oko.
Price: 1oz $2.95
HIGH JOHN: Confidence. Success. Strength. Conquer any situation. Money. Love. Protection. Carry the root (after anointing with mint oil) in a green pouch to attract money. Carry to  break negative spells and  protection from curses and hexes. This is a true Witch's herb. Carry for gambling luck and dispell moods of depression and confusion. In a red bag, place the root and lock of hair from the one you desire and anoint with ATTRACTION oil to bring them to you. P: Mars, Sun. A: Leo. E: Fire. Whole roots.
Price: 1 piece (whole root) $4.95 each
DEVIL'S SHOESTRING: Invisibility. Attracts new job. Employment. Carry a bit of the root on you when seeking raises. Gambling luck. Control over the opposite sex. Power. Carry in a green bag for good luck. Protection. Carry a bit in a white pouch to ward off evil, harm and gossip.
Price: 1oz $8.95
SEA SALT: Use to cleanse your crystals. Mix with DILL seeds and sprinkle about the home to remove jinxes. Add to water for Blessing and Purifying Water. Keep a dish of Sea Salt on your altar in the Realm of the North. Can be used in the Laying of the Magick Circle. A sacred element of the Divine. Add to pre-ritual baths for purification. Can also be used to hold burning incense sticks and cones.
Price: 5.oz $1.25
VALERIAN Root Cut: Animals. Exorcism. Overcoming opposition. Psychic protection. Tranquility. Sleep aid. Calms nerves. Purification. Protection. Brew into a tea and sprinkle around the home to bring peace. To stop quarreling in a relationship: wrap some valerian along with a picture of your and your partner in tinfoil. Carry for three days then throw into running water. Tie a bit of this root in a sachet and hang in the home to protect against lightning. P: Mercury, Venus. E: Earth, Water. O: Chango, Eleggua, Obatala.
Price: 2oz $4.95
VERVAIN Cut: Divination. Love potions. Purification. Consecration. Creativity. Inspiration. Ward off nightmares. Success. Transformation. A common ingredient in protective spells and love mixtures. Place around the home to protect, promote peace and protect from lightning and storms. Carry in a red charm bags for a personal amulet of love drawing and protection. P: Venus. E: Earth. D: Kerridwen, Mars, Venus, Isis, Jupiter, Thor, Juno. O: Eleggua, Obatala, Chango, Oggun.
Price: 2oz $3.95
NETTLES Leaf Cut: Removes spells and curses. Healing. Lust. Exorcism. Protection. Toss some of this herb in a fire to avert evil and danger. Sprinkle a bit of nettle around the house to keep out evil and send it back to whence it came. Hold in the hand to ward off ghosts. To remove fear, tie some nettles in an orange pouch with YARROW and carry. Make a tea of nettles, strain out the herb and add to you bath for purification, inner strength and protection. P: Mars. E: Fire. D: Thor. O: Ochun, Oko, Ochosi.
Price: 1oz $2.95
CATNIP Cut: Power. Courage. Happiness. Dreams. Rest. Harmony. Tranquility. Love. Cat magick. Psychic bond with animals. Attracts good spirits and luck. Add to various Love Potions and mixes to calm down a difficult relationship. Drink as a tea with honey added to calm the nerves and break all adverse spells and hexes. Mix with ROSE PETALS to spice up your relationship. P: Venus. E: Air, Water. D: Bast.
Price: 2oz $3.95
CHAMOMILE Flowers Whole: Meditation. Prosperity. Gambler's luck. Sleep. Purification. Harmony. Peace. Beauty. Wash hands in an infusion of chamomile to bring a Midas' touch, gambling luck. Sprinkle crushed herbs around your property for protection against negativity and hexes. Add to baths to attract love. Makes a meditative, restful incense. Tea is soothing and helps on sleep. P: Sun. E: Water, Fire. O: Chango, Ochun, Olocun.
Price: 1oz $2.95
CINNAMON Powder: Protection. Healing. Wisdom. Success. Psychic development. Passion. Inspiration. Knowledge. Meditation. Passion. Female aphrodisiac. Burn as a Psychic ability promoting incense, or to raise the spiritual vibrations of a place in general. An offering incense. P: Mercury, Sun. E: Air, Fire. D: Aphrodite, Venus. O: Ochun, Babalu-Aye, Orunla, Oya.
Price: 2oz $2.95
COMFREY Leaf Cut: Safe Travel. Place a sachet of comfrey in your suitcase and travel bags so they are not stolen or lost. Endings. Release. Spell-breaking. P: Saturn. E: Earth, Water.
Price: 2oz $ 4.95
MANDRAKE Root Cut (American) Protection. Fertility. Enhances magickal powers. Enhances creativity. Sensuality. Virility. Animals. Material objects. Exorcism. Carry in a red flannel bag for protection from all harm. Make a Prosperity Oil of mandrake, adding a silver dime: anoint money, insides of wallets to attract wealth. Add the root pieces to clay and form an image of the one you desire, anoint with appropriate oils, wrap in a clean cloth and place beneath your pillow. Also good filling for Love Drawing Poppets. Fill a sachet and hang above the bed for a restful, safe sleep. P: Uranus, Mercury. E: Earth, Fire. D: Hecate, Hathor. O: Eleggua, Obatala, Chango, Olocun, Oggun.
**Price: 1oz $3.95
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Additional shipping charges will apply on foreign orders outside the US
"Papa Jim's Herbal Workbook" - $9.95
by Papa Jim
Share the secret recipes that have mystically solved the problems of Papa Jims many devotees. Learn how to unleash the magical powers of herbs. Follow easy instructions on how to make herbal baths, mojo bags, sprinkling powders, incenses & teas for love, luck, sex, money drawing, gambling, protection, hex breaking, jinx removing, and much more! Also includes English - Spanish translation for over 150 common herbs. Paperback, 107 pages.
"Modern Herbal Spellbook" - $8.95
by Anna Riva
This spellbook is loaded with the basics: easy-to-follow instructions and herbs listing their purposes for your spell casting. Perfect for those looking for some new and different spells and desire to create a little magick of your own. Paperback 64 pgs
"Magical Herbalism" - $13.99
by Scott Cunningham
A treasure! This book includes step-by-step guidance to the preparation of herbs and to their compounding in incenses and oils, sachets and amulets, simples and infusions, with simple rituals and spells for every purpose. Paperback, 229 pages.
WORMWOOD Cut: Protection. Banishes anger. Exorcism. Psychic development. Burn to cleanse your dwelling of curses and hexes. Use for a Spirit Guide Communication Incense. Spirit calling. Hang a white pouch filled with this herb on rear view mirror to help prevent car accidents. P: Pluto, Mars. E: Fire. O: Eleggua, Orunla, Ochosi.
**Price: 2oz $3.95
YOHIMBE BARK Powder: (Corvanthe yohimbe) Love. Lust. Usually added to lust potions. (Consume in small amounts only. Poison) Makes a heady, woodish incense when burned on charcoals.
**Price: 1oz  $3.95
CEDARWOOD Chips: (Wood Shavings - Juniperus Virginiana)
Price: 1oz $1.95 -OR- 1Lb $5.95
Price: 1oz $2.95
NUTMEG Whole: Gambler's luck charm. General good luck charm. Money. Health. Carry to ward off illness. Fertility. Fidelity. P: Jupiter. E: Fire. O: Ochun, Oya.
Price: 1oz $1.95
BALSAM FIR, Small Cut Pieces: (Abies Balsamea)
Price: 2oz $3.95
LOTUS PODS Mini, Whole: (1"-2" in size) Home protection. Love spells. Spell-breaking. Protection. Open Locks. Crumble and add to any type of 'Drawing' mixture/incense to increase its power. P: Moon. E: Water. O: Eleggua, Obatala, Chango, Yemaya, Olocun, Babalu-Aye, Oggun.
Price: 1oz $2.95
LEMONGRASS Cut: Mental and psychic clarity. Study. Aid to those wishing to become mediums & developing their own psychic abilities. Honesty. Fidelity. Strength. Clairvoyance. Contacting other planes. Sexual attraction. Lust. P: Sun, Mercury. E: Fire, Air. O: Ochun, Olocun, Orunla.
Price: 2oz $2.95
LEMON VERBENA Leaf Cut: Love spells. Sexual attraction. Protection. Purification. Prevent nightmares. Adds power to spells. Rest. Success. Happiness. Mix with Peaceful Home Powder to ease marital stresses. P: Mercury, Venus. E: Air. O: Ochun, Olocun.
Price: 1oz $3.95
Colors of soapstone will vary. Inside 3-1/4" $15.95
YUCCA ROOT Cut/Sifted: Purification. Jinx removing. Protection.
Transmutation / Shape-shifting.
Price: 1oz  $2.95
WILLOW, WHITE Bark Cut/Sifted: Moon. Water. Healing. Make into tea for headaches, fevers and general pain relief.
Price: 1oz $1.95 -OR- 1Lb $16.95
SOLOMON'S SEAL ROOT Cut: Protection. Excorcism. Offering incense.
Price: 1oz $6.95
MEADOWSWEET Herb Cut/Sifted: Love, peace, happiness and divination.
P: Jupiter, E: Air.
Price: 1oz $1.95
CALENDULA Flower Petals: -----------------------------------------------------------
Price: 1oz $2.95
Price: 2oz $3.95
JUNIPER BERRIES, Whole: Love and protection. Used to attract healthy energies and friendly spirits.
Price: 2oz $3.95
SCULLCAP Cut: Fidelity and commitment. Relataion. Peace. Alleviates anxiety and nerves. Used as a sedative.
Price: 1oz $4.95
Foil package of ten charcoal tablets. Foil wrapped tubes, sealed against moisture and dust. Made in England. Easy to light & long burning. Can be broken in half.  Crumble them and add to your own ground mixes for powder incense. Also use in braziers and hookas. Size: 33mm 1.25 inch. $3.95 or Box of 10/10 (100) $16.95
Mandrake Root
Scullcap Herb
Yucca Root
White Willow Bark
CS White Sage. Minimal stems.